Evening Primose Oil


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Product Description

Evening Primrose Oil is derived from the seed of the Evening Primrose plant and contains the essential fatty acid known as omega-6. New Life brand uses Evening Primrose Oil extract from a special strain of EPO that yields a high grade providing a minimum of 10% GLA in every capsule. EPO provides temporary relief of the symptoms of dry skin, eczema and premenstrual syndrome and temporary relief of arthritis pains. EPO may also be useful for relieving of breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, swelling of fingers, ankles, and irritable bowel syndrome.

月見草又稱夜櫻草,含有豐富的G、L、A(次亞麻酸或伽傌亞麻酸)Omega 6脂肪酸是人體神經系統,血液循環,細胞再生及新陳代謝必要的不飽和脂肪酸。New Life月見草以最先進冷壓法萃取出最高質量及最高含量10%GLA,能穩定保存月見草天然成份與效果。



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