High B Complex – 90 Tablets

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Product Description

New Life High B Complex- B group vitamins are found in nature in products such as grains, beans, dairy products and brewer’s yeast. They are water soluble and not stored in the tissues of the body, therefore are required as part of our daily diet. The combination of B-group vitamins may be beneficial to those whose general lifestyle habits require extra nutritional support and help to maintain healthy skin and hair. New Life High B Complex tablets can help ensue that an adequate amount of B-group vitamins are received each day and helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. New Life High B Complex tablets are also a source of folic acid and vitamin B12, helps to maintain normal blood / blood tonic.

New Life High B Complex- 維他命B群裡的維他命都是水溶性,超過需要量隨時排出體外,身體無法儲存,如不隨時補給,便陷入缺欠狀態。維他命B群裡的維他命有互補的效應,若只服用單一種則效能無法完全。 維生素B群共有八種: B1, B2, B3(菸鹼酸), B5(泛酸), B6, B9(葉酸), B12, Biotin(生物素).

  • 維他命B群可以加速體內蛋白質及脂肪的代謝作用,因此可增強體力活力,提高工作效率;有整腸作用,有利各種營養素在體內的正常吸收,維護腸內正常功能;有預防神經炎及消除神經痛。促進紅血球的形成和再生,減少肌肉痙攣,腳抽筋,手麻痺等各種手足神經炎的病痛。



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