Shark Cartilage


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Product Description

Shark Cartilage is harvested in Australian waters and is carefully processed without the use of excessive heat, harsh chemicals or solvents to preserve the integrity of the cartilage components. New Life Shark Cartilage tablets are made from the finest quality of cartilage, it may provide temporary relief of the pain of arthritis and rheumatism help increase joint mobility and may reduce joint inflammation and swelling. Also assist with wound healing.


  • 黏性多醣複合體(Mucopoly-saccharides)可抑制關節腔、骨膜、軟骨鈣化現象,保持關節正常。有抗發炎、幫助減輕風濕痛、關節炎、痛風, 骨質疏鬆等癥狀。
  • 硫酸軟骨素(Chondroitin Sulphate)是一種軟骨蛋白素,可抑制腫瘤的生長及蔓延,作用在於阻斷癌細胞的養分讓癌細胞停止生長及分裂,增加抗體的產生,加強免疫力。


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